Betting Terms Explained


In the section below you’ll see that we’ve grouped together all of the most common types of bets you find at all the top rated betting sites. Keep scrolling down to the sections below where you can find out how to use a both teams to score strategy, learn which bookmaker provides the best selection of specials bets, and where you can see the handicap bet type and Asian handicap explained in full.


Here is the bread and butter of football betting: The Win/Draw/Win bet. This is where you simply wager on the final outcome of a fixture. The first win corresponds to a home team victory, the second to a draw, and the third to an away team win.

Draw No Bet
A Draw no bet simply means that if the match ends in a draw your stake is returned. So say for instance you bet on a team to win a game but you also think that it’s possible for the match to end in a draw, if you were to place a draw no bet wager then you would get a return if your team wins, however if they draw then you would have your stake returned in full. If they were to lose then the bet would also lose. Expect lower odds prices here.

Both Teams to Score

A both teams to score bet (sometimes abbreviated to BTTS) does exactly what it says on the tin; you place a both teams to score bet if you think both teams are likely to hit the back of the net. If both teams end up scoring, then your bet is a winner. You can also do the opposite and bet against both teams scoring.
Both Teams to Score + Win
This is a slight variation of the standard BTTS bet type. You still select whether you think both teams will score or not, however you also combine it with whether you think a team will win as well. Both this and the both teams to score are hugely popular bet types nowadays and are an exciting way to bet on the sport, as the bet is almost always alive till the last minute.

Correct Score

This kind of bet requires to guess the exact final score of a fixture. It’s a bet type that normally brings good value as guessing the correct final score of a fixture is particularly difficult. Correct score markets are a popular choice for in-play bets as the game is broken down into time periods. Many bookmakers will allow to choose the correct score every 15 minutes, which is of course much easier than the whole 90.

Double Chance

A double chance is a slight variation of a Win/Draw/Win bet. Instead of just covering one outcome – a win, a loss or a draw – the double chance bet allows you to combine two outcomes in a single wager. The only outcome which results in a lost bet is a loss; basically if you place a double chance bet you cover a team to either win or draw.

Accumulator Bets

Accumulator bets are one of the most common types of football bets there is. It’s a single bet that combines at least four different selections. In order for the bet to pay out the final result of each selection has to be correct – if just one result isn’t as you predicated then the stake is lost. Many football fans tend to go for accumulators because of the potential of some really outstanding value. It is true that with the odds prices of all the selections being combined the chances of winning are slightly less, however if all the results do come through then the winnings can be huge – especially when your accumulator has more than four folds. For some extra information about and learn the correct method.


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