Cricket In-Play Propositions


Batsman Runs — This is usually an over/under bet that can be made just before a new batsman steps up to the crease. Batsman Runs bets stand after the batsman has faced one ball or is given out before first ball is faced. Note that the score counts if the batsman is Not-Out, including if innings is declared.

Runs Off Next Ball — Also referred to as “Runs Off Delivery,” wagering takes place ball by ball. For settlement purposes, any extras count as deliveries.

Method of Dismissal — While a batsman is still in the crease, wagers can be made on how he will be dismissed. Six options are usually available: Bowled, Caught, LBW, Run Out, Stumped or Any Other.

Over/Under Totals — Also available as ante post options but more common as in-play markets, the objective is to predict whether a result will be over or under a given benchmark, which will increase or decrease as a match progresses. Examples include Total Match Wides (over/under), Total Match Boundaries (over/under), Total Match Sixes (over/under), Total Match Ru


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